Elena Tal






F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"...audience was mesmerized as she sang in Hebrew, Yiddish, Italian and English...Her stage presence and natural charisma shone through as much as her humility."

-Margie Pensak, Mishpacha



“The highlight of the evening...”

​-Devorah Klein, Hamodia


"...a first-class talent with a beautiful voice and a wonderful sense of humor"
-Rebbetzin Baila Stern, Bais Yaakov of Passaic, NJ

"...Enjoyable, entertaining and uplifting..."
-Rebbetzin Sima Zupnik, Passaic, NJ



Look out for Elena's next star performance in Miriam Handler's One Voice Theatrical Fest!


Check out Elena's new one one of a kind virtual master class series, where singers can get high level training virtually as Elena brings in guest experts in different areas of the arts to join with her in coaching singers! 

Elena to be featured in Camp Rena's Performing Arts' Rena Talent Club show!

Check out Elena in the latest editions of the Lakewood ShopperWhere What When and Mishpacha magazines




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